Deltamethrin, 25 mg

Deltamethrin, 25 mg

Synonyms Decamethrin; (S)-α-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl-(1R)-cis-3-(2,2-dibromvinyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropancarboxylate

CAS Number: 52918-63-5 Molecular Formula: C22H19Br2NO3 Molecular Weight: 505.206 g/mol

Beilstein Registry Number: 6746312 EC Number: 258-256-6

Packaging size: 25 mg

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Usage Statement

Research Use Only (RUO). Ready for CE IVD labeling of clinical applications.

SKU 0215889825
Alternate Names Decamethrin; (S)-α-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl-(1R)-cis-3-(2,2-dibromvinyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropancarboxylate
Base Catalog Number 15889825
Beilstein Registry Number 6746312
Biochemical Physiological Actions Deltamethrin is a type II semi-synthetic pyrethrin, which acts as a potent inhibitor of calcineurin (protein phosphatase 2B) and has an IC50 of about 100 pM. This inhibitory action results in cellular hyperexcitability by causing non-mutated calcium channels to remain open for an extended period of time allowing an abundance of Ca2+ to enter the cell. Some sodium channel mutations such as the L993F mutation in Xenopus oocytes show decreased sensitivity to deltamethrin.
CAS # 52918-63-5
Density (water = 1): 0.5
EC Number 258-256-6
Format powder
Hazard Statements H301 + H331-H410
Melting Point 90 deg C
Molecular Formula C22H19Br2NO3
Molecular Weight 505.206 g/mol
Pack Size 25 mg
Personal Protective Equipment Eyeshields, Faceshields, Gloves, respirator cartridges
Physical Appearance Powder
Product Families Description Deltamethrin
Product Overview Deltamethrin
RTECS Number GZ1233000
Safety Symbol GHS06, GHS09
Solubility Solubility; in <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-7967" href="">cyclohexanone</a> 750, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-6344" href="">dichloromethane</a> 700, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-180" href="">acetone</a> 500, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-241" href="">benzene</a> 450, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-679" href="">dimethyl sulphoxide</a> 450, xylene 250, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-3776" href="">isopropanol</a> 6 (all in g/L at 20 deg C)
Storage and Handling Room Temperature
Usage Statement Research Use Only (RUO). Ready for CE IVD labeling of clinical applications.
Vapor Pressure 9.3X10-11 mm Hg at 25 deg C