Supplement VX

Supplement VX

Packaging size: 100 mL

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Product Description

Supplement VX is recommended as an enrichment for the cultivation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Haemophilus influenzae and other fastidious organisms. Supplement VX is a sterile lyophilized concentrate of essential growth factors for supplementing media for culturing microorganisms with exacting growth requirements. It is used for the preparation of chocolate agar from GC Agar Base and hemoglobin for isolation and cultivation of N. gonorrhoeae. It is also recommended for enriching Brain Heart Infustion Agar and Brain Heart Infusion Broth

Key Applications

Yeast Cell Culture

SKU 091010249
Base Catalog Number 1010249
Formulation Details Lyophilized
Applications Yeast Cell Culture
Pack Size 100 mL
Physical Appearance Lyophilized powder
Storage and Handling Store at Room Temperature (15-30°C).