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Rare and Fine Chemicals For Your Research & Development Needs

We have been providing an innovative showcase of building blocks for chemical research, development and manufacturing for more than 50 years. Organics, Inorganics, Organometallics, Acids & Bases, Solvents, Isotopes, and Labware are some of the myriad choices available from MP Biomedicals Chemistry portfolio.

Organic compounds

Gaseous, liquid or solid molecules containing carbon

MP Biomedicals is a leading supplier of specialty organic chemicals, intermediates and unique materials for research, development and production applications. Our organic chemical offerings include many rare, esoteric and one-of-a-kind reagents not available anywhere else. Many of our organic compounds are available in sizes ranging from milligram to kilo quantities, allowing us to be with you from research to development through production volumes.

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Inorganic compounds

Compounds that don't contain carbon bonded to hydrogen

We continue to be a world-class supplier of thousands of quality inorganic and organometallic reagents for all areas of chemical research and development. Our comprehensive inorganic range includes inorganic acids and salts, metal oxides and halides, organometallics and catalysts, and pure metals, for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences laboratories.

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Acids & Bases

Our range of Acids and Bases includes many choices suitable for a variety of laboratory applications, from simple titrations to environmental testing. We offer strong acids, weak acids, Lewis acids & bases, strong and weak bases, metal hydroxides and hydrides, and ACS, USP/NF certified acids and bases. Many choices give you the freedom you need to meet your research expectations.

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MP Biomedicals offers a wide range of highly purified solvents for analytical applications, HPLC, LC, GC and other spectrophotometry procedures. Certified grades include ACS Reagent Grades, USP/NF, Ultra Pure, and Spectro Grade. Whatever your application, we have purified solvents that will provide the performance you expect to achieve success. Whether you need, we can provide the right product for your application.

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Silica & Alumina for Chromatography and Filtration

For over 50 years, MP Biomedicals has been manufacturing silicas and aluminas for chromatographic applications in in the laboratory and the plant. Originally the Woelm line of adsorbents, MP Biomedicals produces standardized silicas and aluminas that provide consistent, reproducible and accurate results in all chromatographic applications. From research to development through manufacturing processes, when only the best will suffice, you can depend upon MP Biomedicals Adsorbents to deliver.

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Lab Essentials

Laboratory accessories are an integral part of the research process, often as important as the reagents themselves. MP Biomedicals offers a broad showcase of labware including cell and tissue culture supplies, Titertek pipettes and tips, centrifuge tubes, and plates, bottles and flasks. We also provide liquid scintillation supplies, electrophoresis apparatus, detergents, sanitizers and cleaning supplies. Find that handy gadget, flask, or lab tool in our comprehensive labware library.

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